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International PIWI Wine Award 2012
…. not only „pearls from Denmark“, „gold from the Netherlands, France and Liechtenstein“: At this year's PIWI Wine Award the whole national and international range of fungus-resistant varieties were presented.

(Bad Dürkheim, 12.12.2012) 15 times the top rating grand gold was given from the jurors at the international PIWI wine award 2012. Thus the wines of fungus-resistant varieties prove once again that they are quite equal to wines of classic plants – additionally they bring some new flavor and taste in the wine drinking world. The International Association for the Promotion of fungus resistant varieties briefly "PIWI-International eV", was for the 2nd time the initiator of the event and found with the "WINE System AG" a competent organizer and host for this sophisticated tasting. This year the PIWI Wine Award received a special appreciation by the patronage of Ulrike Höfken, the Minister of the Environment of Rheinland-Pfalz and of Alexander Bonde, the Minister of Agriculture of Baden-Württemberg.

Do you know Cabernet Cortis? Have you ever tried wine from the Netherlands or Denmark? In the second edition of the international PIWI wine award unusual grape varieties and origins were a special challenge for the 20 tasters. „Precisely because they are unknown and conjure entirely new flavor and taste experiences, on the other hand nevertheless they can be compared with popular wines", explains the tasting director and sensory expert Martin Darting the character of the fungus-resistant varieties.

239 wines from 8 countries were registered for the award on the second weekend in December at Bad Dürkheim. Almost two-thirds of the samples reached a medal acording to the Product Analysis Ranking (PAR), developed by Martin Darting.15 times Grand Gold, 47 times Gold and 94 Silver medals were given from the jurors.

In the category of sparkling wines, the tasters rated pearls from Denmark with 96 points as the best in class: Dons Red sec, a Regent-sparkling wine from Skærsøgaard Vin, convinced with high minerality and delicate bouquet of violets and raspberries. In further categories also wines from Liechtenstein, France and the Netherlands achieved excellent results.

With 97 points in the category “red wine” were evaluated a Cabernet Cortis Auslese 2010 from Badener Hofgut Sonnenschein, Markus Bürgin, Baden and the Buechberger Maréchal Foch Barrique 2011 from organic viticulture Edwin Geiger, Switzerland. In the category „white wine“ a Cabernet Blanc Kabinett  from the Württemberger winery Schloß Hohenbeilstein and a Muscaris Spätlese from the Winzerverein Reichenau impressed with the same rating of 97 points.

Obviously the time is over, when some PIWIS had a so-called "Fox" note - taste and smell similar to overriped strawberries or just "wet fox". „Most varieties have a distinctive aroma, certainly depending of the mode of production,” reported Darting. The new varieties can be very well compared with popular wines. "The Cabernet blanc offers a real alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. Chambourcin defeats the classic Merlot and Souvignier gris replaces perfectly Pinot Gris or Auxerrois.”

All results and wine profiles can be found on the homepage of

The award ceremony is made by the two patrons, the  Environment Minister Ulrike Höfke and the Agriculture Minister Alexander Bonde, at the fair INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA 2013 (24.-27. 04 2013) on 26 April 2013 in Stuttgart. Additionally the winning wines and other international PIWI wines could be tasted at the joint stand of "PIWI-International eV" and ECOVIN.

Furthermore wines from organic production can also be tasted at the fair BioFach 2013 in Nürnberg from 13.-16. February 2013 at the joint stand of "PIWI-International eV" and ECOVIN.

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