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A celebration of diversity“- PIWI International Wine Award 2013


At the 3rd PIWI International Wine Award the whole range of wines of fungus-resistant varieties were presented. The international jury tasted more than 200 PIWI wines from Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Holland, Spain and the Czech Republic. The diversity of tastings – from traditional to the modern wine-style fruity – everything was presented. The jury appreciated the improvement of the technical skills in the working process of PIWI grapes. Particularly outstanding was the advancement of quality of the wines from the Czech Republic.


(Bad Dürkheim, 25.11.2013): 9 times the top rating grand gold, and 66 times the rating gold was given from the jurors at the international PIWI wine award 2013. Thus the wines of fungus-resistant varieties have proved once again that they are quite equal to wines of classic plants – additionally they bring some new flavour and taste in the wine drinking world. The International Association for the Promotion of fungus resistant varieties briefly "PIWI International ", was for the 3rd time the initiator of the event and found with the "WINE System AG" a competent organizer and host for this sophisticated tasting. The wines were evaluated according to the Product Analysis Ranking (PAR), developed by Martin Darting. More than 200 wines from 9 countrieswere registered for the PIWI International Wine Award in November at Bad Dürkheim.


Do you know Cabernet Cortis? Have you ever tasted wines from Holland, Denmark or the Czech Republic? This year the PIWI International Wine Award was a very interesting challenge for the 16 jurors. “Because the wines from fungus resistant varieties offer totally new aromas and tastings, but at the same time they are similar to establishes wines”, explains Martin Darting, leader of the tasting and sensory expert.


The very high level of PIWI wines from the Czech Republic is represented by the two winners of the top rating grand gold from the unknown PIWI varieties “Hibernal” (white wine – 96 points) and “Laurot” (red wine – 98 points). Both wines have been produced by „Vinselekt Michlovsky a.s.“ from Rakvice. Furthermore 4 more Czech wines from the vineyards VERITAS, Bošovice and Sadek, Kojetice na Morave were decorated with gold.


Permanent candidats for “grand gold” in the category redwine came from the German vineyard Hofgut Sonnenschein from Markus Bürgin (Cabernet Cortis Auslese 2011 - 98 points) and from Switzerland, from the vineyard Bio-Weinbau Geiger, Thal, Buechberger Maréchal Foch Barrique 2012 - 97 points. The grand gold awards for red wine were also given to the Swiss vineyard Weingut Festiguet at the lake Biler (Regent Barrique 2011 – 97 points) and to a wine made of Cabernet Jura, a new breeding of Valentin Blatter, from the German vineyard Weingut Wedekind (Cabernet Jura 2012 – 96 points).


The very best cuvèe came from the German vineyard Weingut Eugen Schönhals: a perfect red cuvee made from the grapes Rondo and Cabertin („Crescendo“ 2012 -grand gold - 97 points).

In the category white wine, the grand gold was assigned to a extraordinary Muscaris Edition 2012 from the German vineyard Weingut Andreas Stutz and in the category dessert wine to a Cabernet Blanc Beerenauslese from Germany (Weingut Werner Anselmann). Both wines received 97 points and therefore the award "grand gold".

Obviously the time is over, when some PIWIS had a so-called "Fox" note - taste and smelled similar to overriped strawberries or just "wet fox". „Most varieties have a distinctive aroma, certainly depending of the mode of production,” reported Martin Darting. The new varieties can be very well compared with popular wines. "The Cabernet blanc offers a real alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. Chambourcin defeats the classic Merlot and Souvignier gris replaces perfectly Pinot Gris or Auxerrois.”


Consumers don’t risk anything, when they decide to drink PIWI wines. Quite the contrary: “Who is interested in the production of good tasting wines without chemical treatments will always prefer wines from PIWI grapes” is the conclusion of the jurors.

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