PAR = Evaluation with Added Value



What do stars, points and glasses tell us about the quality, content and potential of a wine? Nothing, but ...
...that the valuation is based on a transparent and comprehensible documentation, which illustrates how individual criteria contributed to the points result. By seperating the product evaluation into an analytical and an evaluative part the award of points undergoes a rationale based on contents. The accuracy of examination only concerns the product, which is being evaluated and not generally all similar or comparable products. Evaluate wines according to the PAR-System and you will experience a far more transparent procedure.

P stands for Product - its origin, site, sort, type of cultivation . . .
A stands for Analysis - the quantitative conception of appearance, aroma, contents, potential
stands for Ranking - the evaluation of A in the context of P

PAR prevents the subconscious influence of prejudices and fosters neutrality of each and every
wine taster.
PAR therewith provides a decided improvement in the quality of wine evaluation for awards as 
well as quality control.
PAR serves the improvement of perception of wine tasting results. 
The accuracy concerning the product interpretation increases considerably.

PAR  offers a valuable benefit for viniculturalists

  • Variance within the result of analysis and ranking can be detected easily by applying graphical illustration.
  • The quantative contents analysis facilitate the process of evaluation and choice for the purchase.
  • Prize competitions can be implemented more honest and the results can be documented more comprehensible.
  • A graphical illustration of the evaluation results is more comprehensible for all parties involved in contrast to simply awarding points.

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