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WINE System AG invites for the 08th International PIWI Wine Award

Wanted, best wines produced from the fungus-resistant grape varieties – registration deadline – the 09th of October 2018

Frasdorf, July 2018 – On the 20th and 21st of October 2018, the members of the top-flight PAR®-Jury together with Chief Dégustateur Martin Darting will reassemble to thoroughly scrutinise the sensory qualities of PIWI-wines from all over the world. Likewise 2017 with evaluated 339 nominees from 14 countries, this year edition promises the increase in the number of participants. White PIWI pioneer „Johaniter“ that covers the cultivation area of more than 100 hectares in Germany became an integral part of many vineyards. Known for its tender-fruity wines, which are excellent meal companions, this variety marks the 50th anniversary this year. The International PIWI Wine Award 2018 is advertised by WINE System AG and the Association PIWI International. The latter has been promoting the information interchange between research and vine nursery and wine-growing sector since 18 years committed to the growing international spread of the fungus-resistant grape types and to ensure the acceptance of these young varieties with all wine-growing and environmental benefits. In 2010, the Association PIWI International launched the PIWI Wine Award to provide a substantiated and comprehensible view of the PIWI quality to the wine-growers, retail and consumers. The dégustation is run following the PAR® test procedure of worldwide renown. The registration deadline is the 08th of October 2018.

Fungus-resistant types, like, for instance, Solaris, Cabernet Blanc, Regent or Rondo, are more resistant to the capricious climate change. These varieties enable low pesticides-input farming and help to preserve the sensitive soil from the tractor driving. The fact that young grape types are more high-yielding than the regular ones brought them a reputation for being mass production of inferior quality rather than top wines with an attractive sensory profile. Indeed, accurate measures to improve the quality of the vineyard should be implemented to maintain the production of individual and premium wines. As the contests of the recent years have shown, PIWI grapes and their producers have long since outgrown the status of being a victim sacrificing the quality due to the high-yielding crop.Thanks to the careful management of the vineyard and wine cellar PIWI varieties present us as exciting wines as their traditional progenitors do.

Transparency is combating scepticism: When looking at how to alleviate fearful attitudes one might have towards unfamiliar names and taste profiles of PIWI wines, the International PIWI Wine Award relies on the particularly transparent test method of renown – PAR. The quality assessment of submitted PIWIs requires not only full details about ingredients, but it also includes the origin, character and fitness for a particular purpose of the wine. A team of three certified PAR tasters exclusively evaluates each product providing an appraisal of its craftsmanlike and sensory aspects of valuable use for the quality management afterwards. Consumers are welcome to take benefit from PAR honest and objective judgement free of preconceived opinions and personal preferences, and retail can turn to good account this analysis providing focused and competent advice to the customers.

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Assessment with PAR®: - thanks to the transparency of the internationally recognized sensory testing system PAR, each submitted PIWI wine receives a replicable and objective documentation of its sensory and oenological characteristics, always assessed authenticity and style respectively. The PAR training enables the qualified jury consisting of oenologists, sommeliers and wine experts (certified by the German IHK) to assess each wine neutrally, excluding personal preferences or preconceived opinions regarding “good taste.” In the context of modern enology, new international wine styles experience appreciation and acceptance also in PAR assessment. Besides attracting attention brought by this award, many producers appreciate the revealing analyses underlying the PAR assessment. They show exactly which criteria have led to respective results and provide valuable documentation for the quality management. This system ensures an objective assessment with 100-point-pattern based on replicable documentation.

PIWI International e.v Association promotes the information exchange between research organizations, growers, refiners of PIWI grape varieties and wine producers. Many fungus-resistant grape varieties have been put into practice during the last years, some of them on a trial base. There is a big information demand about this type of grape, namely detailed feature characterization, manual for the best possible winemaking, degustations, marketing exchange and how to better inform final consumers. Besides arranging of congresses and study groups, the initiation of the International PIWI Wine Award is an essential part of the PIWI activities.
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WINE System AG, based in Frasdorf, under the guidance of CEO Gisela Wüstinger, consults wine growers and retailers since 1999. WINE System AG provides a wide range of expert services for creating and improving internet presence. WINE System AG offers a comprehensive database which is well accepted in the industry. Informative bottlenecktag has been developed by WINE System AG in order to provide better product promotion in the retail. WINE System AG is co-developer of the international PAR-System for wine, bread, cheese, olive oil and organizes tastings during annual PAR organic wine award, PIWI wine award, PAR award South Africa and PAR Greek wine award.


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