International PIWI Wine Award 2016: PIWI-Power from Italy through to Denmark

PIWI-Power from Italy through to Denmark:

High-quality competition for fungus-resistant grape varieties:
International PIWI Wine Award – dègustation of more than 300 wines from 14 different countries

Bad Dürkheim, November 2016 – PAR®-Team with its head Martin Darting ran the sixth PIWI International Award tasting on the 28th and 29th of October 2016. This event enjoyed an increase of participants and wines coming from 14 different countries. Out of in total 308 submitted PIWI products, 15 wines achieved Top Gold, 105 of them received Gold, and 124 products became a silver medal. The high-quality level of the introduced whites, both traditionally and modern reductively matured, was conspicuous. The reductively aged 2015 Cuvèe Planties from St.Quiriius wine-growing estate (South Tirol region, Italy) and the oxidatively wooden-barrel-fermented 2015 Muscaris der Feindestillerie Krauss (Styria region, Austria), both white wines received 98 PAR-points, made it to the absolute top. Initiated by the PIWI International Association and carried out by WINE System AG, this competition, established in 2010, set its sight on promoting the “robust vine.”

Top Gold for Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Czech Republic
97 PAR points awarded white wines, the 2015 Cabernet Blanc QbA from Württembergian vine dresser Stromberg-Zabergäu and the 2015 Cuvèe Blanche from wine-growing estate Fibl from Aargau in Switzerland, are on the top champions’ tail. 2015 Cabernet Jura Barrique from organic wine estate Roland and Karin Lenz based in Thurgau region in Switzerland has reached 97 PAR points and is a clear odds-on favourite in the red wine category. Likewise 97 PAR points and Top Gold went on liqueur wine 2012 Portalbertos from Weingärtlihof in Canton Schaffhausen (Switzerland). The 96 points Top Gold league was represented by premium wines from Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as the Czech Republic with the 2012 Laurot Bio from the wine estate Michlovsky in Moravia region.

Expanding know-how, smart Northern Lights and flamboyance spirit
n total 105 introduced PIWI wines became Gold. Further 124 products achieved Silver, and 50 articles honored with a Compliment. Similar to the previous year, the quality tour de force was presented not only by the tradition-rich wine countries but also the “Northern Lights” coming from Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland were at the top. Chief of dègustation Martin Dartin about the recent award: „it is a thrilling thing to watch what a sensory spectrum made with fungus-resistant varieties is possible to achieve with the quality-conscious winemakers across Europe. Daring the extraordinary attempts is a pleasant progression – a movement which gains growing appreciation among the final consumers like it is being heard in the retailer circles. Also in 2016 it was clearly recognizable that years of experiences gathered by many producers yield fruit. Especially wines made with Cabernet-Blanc could achieve quality rise. We also could observe a smashing success of the barrel-aged wines made with Seyval Blanc and Souvignier Gris. White variety Solaris has acquired an established position in the category of sweet wine. As well as a quite young PIWI grape with an unremarkable name CAL 6-04 – a hybrid of Sauvignon and Riesling – became Gold thrice.” Besides the productive network activity of WINE System AG and PIWI International Association, PAR degustation method accepted worldwide is the linchpin of this prestigious high-level competition. By applying the analytical and differentiated approach, the qualified PAR tasters consider different aspects of winemaking and climatic conditions as an integral part of assessment. This system makes sure that different stylistics and sensory characteristics become a replicable evaluation giving an explanation about success and room for improvement in the winemaking. Complete ranking results with corresponding PAR evaluation sheets and wine specifications are available at

Fungus-resistant grape varieties
Johanniter, Regent, Cabernet Blanc & Co are types of grapes which become increasingly popular in the viticulture. However, they are still quite little-known among consumers and often confront with sales difficulties. So-called PIWIs were bred as fungus-resistant grape varieties to protect winegrowing against diseases like Peronospora and Oidium, also called downy and powdery mildew, and to keep the use of fungicides to a minimum. PIWIs often described as a “robust vine,” manage almost to dispense with plant protection creating an environmental and economic profit. Despite a tough wine year 2016 with a high fungal infestation, PIWI winemakers could work way more relaxed and ecological than the colleagues cultivating common grape varieties. International PIWI Wine Award brings these types of vines into prominence already for six years demonstrating high quality and attractivity of wines made out of them, which are in no way inferior to the regular Vitis Vinifera representatives.

Additional information:

Assessment with PAR®:
- thanks to the transparency of the internationally recognized sensory testing system PAR, each submitted PIWI wine becomes a replicable and objective documentation of its sensory and oenological characteristics, always assessed authenticity and style respectively. The PAR training enables the qualified jury consisting of oenologists, sommeliers and wine experts (certified by the German IHK) to assess each wine neutrally, excluding personal preferences or preconceived opinions regarding “good taste.” In the context of modern enology, new international wine styles experience appreciation and acceptance also in PAR assessment. Besides attracting attention brought by this award, many producers appreciate the revealing analyses underlying the PAR assessment. They show exactly which criteria have led to respective results and provide valuable documentation for the quality management. This system ensures an objective assessment with 100-point-pattern based on replicable documentation.

PIWI International e.v
Association promotes the information exchange between research organizations, growers, refiners of PIWI grape varieties and wine producers. Many fungus-resistant grape varieties have been put into practice during the last years, some of them on a trial base. There is a big information demand about this type of grape, namely detailed feature characterization, manual for the best possible winemaking, degustations, marketing exchange and how to better inform final consumers. Besides arranging of congresses and study groups, the initiation of the PIWI International Wine Award is an essential part of the PIWI activities. Office: Susanne Sommer 06133-5099226 Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

WINE System AG,
based in Frasdorf, under the guidance of CEO Gisela Wüstinger, consults wine growers and retailers since 1999. WINE System AG provides a wide range of expert services for creating and improving internet presence. WINE System AG offers a comprehensive database, well accepted in the industry. WINE System AG has developed informative bottle neck tag to provide better product promotion in the retail. WINE System AG is co-developer of the international PAR-System for wine, bread, cheese, olive oil and organizes tastings during annual PAR organic wine award, PIWI wine award, PAR award South Africa and PAR Greek wine award


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