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PIWI International Wine Award is entering its ninth round

PAR®-tasting for wines made of fungus-resistant grape varieties – registration deadline is October 21, 2019 – Awarding ceremony at „Winzer-Service“ fair in Karlsruhe, Germany
Frasdorf, July 2019 – On November 01 – 03, 2019, again, Head of the tasting Martin Darting will drum up the PAR®-Jury team to put PIWI wines from all over the world to the sensory test. Three hundred sixty candidates from 17 different countries were listed in 2018, and a further rise is expected for this year. The International PIWI Wine Award is an annual competition announced by WINE System AG and PIWI International Association. The latter one promotes the exchange of information between research, vine nursery and viniculture for 19 years. To provide a profound and transparent quality view to winegrowers, retail and consumers, PIWI International launched the International PIWI Wine Award in 2010. The Awarding Ceremony will take place at the 3rd „Winzer-Service“ fair in Karlsruhe on November, 27. The tasting applies the internationally renowned PAR® testing method. Registration deadline is October 21, 2019.

Fungus-resistant grape varieties, or PIWIs for short, allow a considerable reduction of plant-health measures and help to protect the sensitive soils against compacting tractor rides. Employing appropriate oenological know-how, these types of grape can yield high-quality wines with an attractive sensory profile.

Facts against prejudice: The „sturdy vines“ become increasingly popular noticeably enriching the existing variety range. Since the establishment of the International PIWI Wine Award, the PIWI Association has been strongly relying on PAR® as a transparent tasting method with a clear argument for quality management and product development. Each submitted product is individually evaluated by a team of PAR® experts receiving an assessment of its handcrafted quality concerning origin and style. The PAR® testing method provides an objective rating of the characteristic features of wine to the consumers, and retail and sommeliers use the flavour profile charts for selective and professional service.
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Background information:

PIWI International e.v Association promotes the information exchange between research organizations, growers, refiners of PIWI grape varieties and wine producers. Many fungus-resistant grape varieties have been put into practice during the last years, some of them on a trial base. There is a big information demand about this type of grape, namely detailed feature characterization, manual for the best possible winemaking, degustations, marketing exchange and how to better inform final consumers. Besides arranging of congresses and study groups, the initiation of the International PIWI Wine Award is an essential part of the PIWI activities.
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Established 1999, WINE System AG, with its extensive and informative wine database, builds a solid footing for the PAR rating system developed by Martin Darting. Likewise, the company proved itself to be a high-performance partner for winegrowers, retail and expert audience in the fields of wine and sensors. As a joint developer of this innovative and transparent assessment system for the sensorially measurable products like wine, bread, olive oil, cheese and many others, WINE System AG, under the leadership of Gisela Wüstinger, who holds a graduate degree in business, organises highly prestigious contests. The portfolio includes events like, for instance, international organic wine award, PAR Wine Award International and PIWI international wine award. The database that contains more than 35.000 listed wines became a global information tool highly appreciated among experts.
Martin Darting, a co-founder and supervisory board member of WINE System AG, is a professional winemaker, sensors expert and the initiator of the Biofach Wine Award. Besides his activities as a lecturer at the German wine and sommelier school, Martin Darting is a trainer for the professional PAR® tasters, as well as the head of all WINE System AG tastings. Also, Martin Darting provides oenological quality management consulting service to the winemakers and vineyards.


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