Full attention to PIWI: Registration for the International PIWI Wine Award 2017 is open now

PAR®-dégustation on the 20th–21st of October 2017 – Application deadline - 09th of October

Frasdorf, August 2017 – Well, that’s nothing new that PIWI varieties like Regent, Solaris and Cabernet Blanc are familiar to many wine lovers, thanks to the committed winegrowers and retailers, as well as years of activity of PIWI International e.V. This Association, compassing more than 350 members, has been building an interface between research, vine nursery and wine-growing for 17 years with an eye to the acceptance boost and spread of this fungus-resistant variety with all its viticultural and ecological assets, even being comparatively young grape. As quality is the major feature of this vine type, PIWI International e.V. in tandem with WINE System AG is about to launch the seventh edition of the PIWI International Wine Award in 2017. The same procedure as every year, the tasting will take place following the internationally admitted PAR® test method. Application deadline – 09th of October 2017.

There is no daylight between many wine producers that, along with the sensory potential for premium wines, PIWI is a response to the realities of tomorrow’s climatic and ecological challenges. With its capability of braving the weather in all its forms, PIWI types enable a significant reduction of plant-health measures and protect fragile vineyard soil from frequent tractor use. Because the young vine varieties are more yielding than many conventional ones, PIWI grapes require accurate measures for quality enhancement in the vineyard. Past contests have illustrated that PIWI grapes have come of age and enjoy the reputation for being not less exciting wines than its established forebears. Times of quality suffering due to the high yield is a thing of the past.
Fight against prejudices: Transparent and admitted PAR test method provides back up by facts in order to remove all concerns which producers, retailers and consumers might have at the beginning. The assessment presumes not an only detailed description of the components, but it also considers the origin, way of production and suitability. A three certified tasters team approaches each product individually assessing its handcrafted and sensory quality in a detailed way which provides valuable input for the quality management afterwards. For consumers, this quality check means reliable and objective estimation detached from any taste rules and personal preferences. These analyses stand the retailers in good stead to support purposeful and capable consulting.

Learn more about the award, dates and conditions of participation under www.piwi-international.de.

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